End of the Worlders THE END STARTS NOW

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Plot Outline

End of the Worlders is an experimental dark humor series about the looming Mayan calendar apocalypse. In total, there are 5 episodes, each divided into thirds: visual poetry, zen nihilism dramas and far fetched news reports. The self contained series progresses as the end of the world feels more imminent through poetic ruminations on the creative sacrifices of artistic life, the critical and outraged analysis of everyday life, and the inevitability of accepting the ludicrous predicament of our Earth.

Jeff and Caitlin live and dream in the poetic and dramatic "realities", while Marpo Marposon reports in the news segments as "reality" crumbles around him. Per each episode, all three realities tie into each other thematically, and over the series, each character finds their way through increasingly more strange circumstances. Status quo assumptions and normal goings on break down as each story begins to annihilate the self and reject established institutions in search of a mystical experience.

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